Allen County Genealogy Society Email List
With many thanks to Rootsweb, the Allen County Genealogy Society has an Email list of their own.

The list is open to any topic about The Allen County Genealogy Society, surnames, history, queries for other list members, and any topic such as sharing recipes, and family stories in a laid back forum.
Also postings of the Society events, meetings & other important information will be sent to the list.
this list will be allow ACGS members to correspond with other members or researchers.
The only rule is to be nice and don't be afraid to post.
Should anyone send an email that is disruptive, nasty, or flaming, they will be removed.

To subscribe to ACGS list in mail mode by sending a message
to that contains the word


and nothing else.  If you prefer digest mode, you should send the
command instead to

To unsubscribe, you must send the command "unsubscribe" to

(if in mail mode) or (if in digest mode.)

To switch from one mode to the other, you should unsubscribe from one
and then subscribe to the other.  There is no "no mail" mode -- if you
want messages to stop, you should simply unsubscribe. 

To post  a message (you must be a subscriber)  Messages sent there will appear both places.

List administrators: Debbie Carder & Gloria Motter
For those interested in genealogy in Allen County, you are encouraged to subscribe to the Allen County LIST.  Just send email to: or click on the Join the List link below.  Leave the subject line blank and put the word SUBSCRIBE in the message body.
If you wish to contact the Society directly, please email your questions/queries to