Allen County Personal Surnames Web Pages
*Deborah Carder Mays

*Linda Dietz

*Dean Cockrun-Cochrun family, including Simon Wesley, Jasper Lee and Lambert Cochrun.

*The FALTER-SCHARF Family Home Page
(Lots of Allen county surnames)

*Bill Huber

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* Clerice Fisher Fernsler, Fansler, Hauenstein, Schifferli, Schifferly, Funk, Driver, Zehrbach, Stager, and many allied lines.
* Charlotte Miller
* Ron Partin Partin, Ritter, Ball, Westbrook
ROBERSON ~ WELLS Family website
*  Dean & Jill Nichols
REAVES/REEVES & DAVI(D)SON  Family website from Pamela WELLS nee ROBERSON
* Sarah & Ray Crump
Books donated to the ACGS
"The Lines from Bavaria, Germany to Batavia, Ohio & Their-in-law - the Spellacys of Lima, Ohio", by Charlene Lichtmann @ 2008.      Thank you Charlene!

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